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Gameaholic is the fastest, easiest way to exchange your PS4 games in India, giving you affordable access to the widest selection of the latest games.

The Gameaholic Story

We found Gameaholic because as gamers ourselves, we wanted to enjoy all the newest PS4 games without the expensive price-tag.
With the rising costs of console games, many gamers cannot afford to play the latest PS4 games when they first come out because they are simply too expensive. By creating India’s first flat-fee PS4 game exchange platform, Gameaholic offers gamers across the country access to any game they want just for Rs. 200!

Gameaholic Guarantee

Many gamers are worried about exchanging their games with other gamers or unknown sellers because they do not know if they will receive a working, high quality version. We have developed our ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’ to be a certification that every single PS4 game we offer you is of the highest calibre. Our experts verify the quality and functionality of every game, so you know that you will only receive the best from us! Just look for the ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’ logo in the top right corner and you instantly know that your game is in perfect condition.

Get the Latest Titles By Exchanging Your Used Games

Once you have finished playing the game, beaten the final boss or finished career mode, you’re ready to move on to your next challenge. Gameaholic offers India’s largest selection of brand new PS4 games, as well as all the classics, so you can simply exchange your pre-owned games to receive all the new releases, right out of the box!

Come into Our Store or Get Delivered Right to Your Door

We make game exchange incredibly fast and convenient, no matter where you are! Come into any one of the Gameaholic store locations in person to receive up to five new games in minutes or send us your games via courier to receive the titles you want right at your doorstep.

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