Have Questions About Gameaholic?

We have the answers below!

What is Gameaholic?

We are India’s best PS4 game exchange platform! You can get all the latest and classic PS4 games you want by exchanging your used games.

How does the PS4 game exchange work?

You begin by looking through our massive selection of PS4 titles and finding up to five games that you want. Next, you confirm the exchange and make a secure payment. Then, you either come into your local Gameaholic store or courier us your used games. Once we have received your games, our experts will inspect them for quality. As soon as the games pass the inspection, you can walk out of the store with your new games or we deliver them right to your door.

I’ve never used a PS4 game exchange platform before. Can I trust you?

Of course! Gameaholic has built a reputation for being a reliable and a trustworthy PS4 game exchange platform in India with our commitment to quality. We ensure that each game is inspected and receives the ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’ certification before we offer it to you.

What is ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’?

We understand that some gamers may be worried about exchanging used games. They may have used peer-to-peer exchanges where there is no quality control or accountability. The ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’ certification means that each game we offer for exchange is checked for quality, functionality and includes its original box. Just look for the logo on the top right of the box to know that the game you have received has been verified for quality.

How much does it cost to exchange each PS4 game?

We charge a flat-fee of Rs. 200 for each game that you exchange.

Can I get brand new PS4 games by exchanging used games?

Yes! We offer both brand new and previously used PS4 games on our exchange platform.

Do you offer new release games for exchange?

We regularly update our inventory of games. The moment a new PS4 game comes out, we add it to our collection so that our gamers can enjoy it!

How many games can I exchange at once?

We offer up to five game exchanges at any time.

I can’t find a game that I want in your selection. What can I do?

If you are looking for a specific game that we don’t seem to have, please contact us now. Just let us know the title you are looking for and we will do our best to add it to the collection as soon as possible!

How do I pay for my game exchanges?

We offer secure online payments through Razorpay, allowing you to pay using your Mastercard or Visa card. We also have a wide range of payment methods that you can choose from. If you come into our store to exchange your games, you can also pay in cash.

Do you offer delivery of PS4 games in India?

Yes we do. For now we serve gamers only in India. Once the exchange order has been confirmed on our platform, we offer the option where you need to arrange for the delivery of your games. We then send your new PS4 games right at your doorstep.

Is there a cost for delivery of the games?

No, We offer free delivery of games all over India.

Can I cancel my confirmed order ?

Yes, you can. A cancellation fee of Rs.50 will be charged for every confirmed order that is cancelled BEFORE the order deadline has passed. No refund will be issued if the order is cancelled after the deadline has passed. If you have mistakenly placed an exchange order with us, please contact our customer support team immediately and we will attempt to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Do you accept digitally downloaded/online PS4 games for exchange?

No we do NOT. Gameaholic accepts only authentic, certified, physical PS4 games for exchange. Gameaholic will not be able to issue any refund in case you place an order with an online/digitally downloaded PS4 game/s.

What happens if I don’t meet the deadline for the game exchange?

To keep our game exchange running smoothly and ensure that everybody receives their games on time, we offer a four day deadline for you to collect your games from our store or courier us your games. If you fail to meet the deadline, the Gameaholic team will call and email you for an explanation. In most cases, we will do our best to accommodate your exchange by extending the deadline by a maximum of two days. If you fail to meet that deadline or do not respond to our us in time, your game exchange order will be cancelled and no refund will be provided.

What happens if the used games I provide for exchange are not accepted?

We take a wide range of steps to ensure the quality of the games we offer through our ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’ certification. If the games you provide for exchange are damaged or do not pass our quality tests, then that specific game of the exchange order will be considered invalid. We will return that game to you but the rest of the exchange order will be completed. Please note that we do not offer a refund for this partail cancellation of the exchange order.

I have a question about my game exchange. What should I do?

If you have any questions about your PS4 game exchange, making a payment, how Gameaholic works or anything else, our support team is here to assist you. Please contact us today and we will answer your question in a timely manner.